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Bedtime Books with the Billers

Updated: May 18, 2022

Tuck your kids into bed and tune in LIVE with your kiddos at 7:00 (EST) to hear the full story!

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Take a sneak peek of some of my family's favorites below!

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears by Alastair Chisholm Illustrated by Jez Tuya

This one is a hilarious, action-packed adventure complete with an evil- eyed ninja witch! Jamie helps his dad create a thrilling bedtime story that is sure to appeal to your child's imagination!

Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett Published by Kane Miller Such a fun story with letters attached that the kids can open . What kid doesn't love opening letters?! Beast โ€“ a beast โ€“ plans to eat Dinner โ€“ a little boy โ€“ at a big feast and sends invitations to all his beastly friends. Readers open the foldout RSVPs to find that everyone is coming (though some do have special dietary requirements)! But donโ€™t worry about Dinner; heโ€™s already got a plan to escape beingโ€ฆ dinner. You'll watch an unlikely friendship unfold.

Get your copy here:

Mind Your Manners by Nicola Edwards Published by Kane Miller:

As parents we are always trying to instill those good manners and morals. We teach this by setting a good example of course, but books are also a great reminder and provide direct instruction which our children need! This is a story about a noisy misbehaved jungle that learns how to mind their manners. What a great opportunity you have for discussion here to point out examples of when they have or they should mind their manners!

P.S. The book you see in the video is a mini version. You can get the full size book here:

This is Owl By Libby Walden, Illustrated by Jacqui Lee, Published by Kane Miller

A favorite in our house! It's a hilarious interactive book that has kids clapping, flapping, and laughing. We love the flaps within and the unique second person narration.

You'll find us cuddled up downstairs with Sydney our Great Dane waiting out the thunderstorm! And yes you will also experience my reality with toddlers. Welcome to the crazy ๐Ÿ˜œ

Get this is Owl Here:

The Whatif Monster by Michelle Nelson- Schmidt Published by Kane Miller.

Do you have a child nervous about the start of a new school year? Making new friends? Trying something new?

They will find themselves in very relatable situations with Jonathan James as they find courage to stand up to the Whatif Monster and think positively!

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