Birthday Book Bash

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Book Tastings or Read Between the Wines🍷, Back to School Bash 🍎, Party With a Purpose📚, Birthday Book Bash🎁, Baby Book Showers👶, Books and Brunch ☕. So many fun themes to choose from! You invite your friends, and then sit back and relax because you have your own personal party planner! Host your party at home with a few friends or virtually on Facebook! Either way we are having a blast and your getting FREE BOOKS! What does the host do? 🎉Send Invites: Your main job as a hostess is to send a personal message invitation to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, and teachers! I help make invitations quick and easy😉 ! 📝Send Reminders: You can help make your party a success when you send a friendly reminders before your party starts or before it closes! We are busy people and everyone appreciates a quick reminder. 💃Party with me: During the night of your party, whether it's in person or online, it helps to show your excitement about the books! Share your family's favorites, comment on posts, or tag a friend who might like a specific book! Interaction is key to a successful party! Book your party Today:

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